The goals of the MMBA are simple:

  • To offer a performance outlet to marching bands of all types, including a Festival component (with
    or without ratings) as well as competition in various divisions.
  • To provide meaningful feedback from highly qualified clinicians and adjudicators.
  • To build an organization from the ground up using input from any and all Maryland band directors
    and hand off governance of the organization to an executive board and several committees.
  • To provide all of this at a substantial cost savings to participating bands as well as show hosts.
  • To run a true Maryland State Championship at Towson University to close our season.
Board of Directors
John Karos, President
Christina Donall Lebovitz, Vice President
Geoffrey Burns, Secretary
Brittney Lynn, Treasurer
Erick Von Sas, Member at Large
Irene Guggenheim-Triana , Member at Large
Susan Eckerle, Member at Large


Education Committee
John Miliauskas, Towson University
Dr. Christopher Cicconi, Towson University
Dr. Jeremy Maytum, University of MD
Steve Hartman, Judging Coordinator


Event Logistics Committee
Brendan Maltese, CompSuite Administrator
Kaitlyn Maltese, Event Coordinator
Carol Cox, Event Coordinator
Randy Long, Event Coordinator
Taylor Yozwiak, States Coordinator